The following story is about what we do and why we do it!
For many years Theo Henskens is running a LEGAL fossil business in The Netherlands. We have a large network of contacts and can find you any Fossil that can be obtained legally on the market. This can be from a Trilobite towards large and completly mounted skeletons. We are specialized in European fossils.
We have sold items to many Museums and private collectors throughout the World. Many of the Specimens we have sold still are to be seen in several Museums and we are proud of that. We know our way if we are talking about "Museum quality"!
Why this web page? Throughout the years there was one thing that kept us going and that were, and still are our professional and amateur collectors. Without them we never would have gotten so far.
That is why we offer you these pages with interesting and payable specimens, however we also can help you if you want to buy a Dinosaur.
And do take note that; to find you all these good and top-quality items a bit of wet feet will never stop us, and hey, we are Dutch and know our ways around and in water anyway.
Now ENJOY!!!!!!! our fossil lists on the Home Page.